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  • Winner(s) will be picked August 1st. 

Giveaway consists of:

  1. Man Overboard crewneck. (L) in girls.
  2. Suicide Silence tshirt. (M) in boys.
  3. Red Samsung wb100 16.2 MP camera. Perfect condition. (comes with sd card and case)
  4. White, red, blue Pokemon iPhone 4/4s cases.
  5. Purple/blue hard cover iPhone 4/4s case.
  6. Plugs not drugs tshirt. (M) in boys.
  7. We Came as Romans tshirt. (S) in girls.
  8. We Came as Romans tshirt. (S) in boys.
  9. Pokemon tank top. (M) in boys.
  10. Black carhartt beanie. 
  11. The Wonder Years banner/flag. 
  12. The Story so Far banner/flag.
  13. The Story so Far tshirt. (S) 
  14. Brand new Macbook air. Comes with the charger, box, and everything with the box. (Perfect condition, giving it away due to buying a new macbook pro)

Happy reblogging. (。◕‿◕。)

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my favorite albums: The Used, 2002

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dogs deserve to live forever

And humans don’t?

absolutely not

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not sure if i’m ready to fall in love or if i’m ready to fall off a cliff

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